What will my week look like?

  • The schedule of each week varies depending on your track. All interns are required to serve on the weekend at their campus as well as attend the monthly RVLI Leadership Labs, monthly RVLI Cohorts and other ministry specific events. For those participating in SEU, your schedule will have additional academic components to it. 

What tracks can I choose from?

  • We have different tracks you can choose from depending on your desired ministry focus. Those tracks include Pastoral, Youth, Kids, Lifegroups, Women's Ministry, Pastoral Care, Global Project, Live Production, Marketing, Graphic Design, Film and Worship. 

Am I able to earn college credits during my internship?

  • Yes. Through River Valley's partnership with Southeastern University, students can enroll in online courses to work towards either an Associate's or a Bachelor's degree. 

Can I be enrolled in a local college or university while being enrolled in RVLI?

  • Yes. This internship is most beneficial when coupled with an educational component. If you choose not to go through SEU, we would highly encourage you to enroll in Northcentral University. 

Am I able to be credentialed as a minister through this internship?

  • Yes. Through your classes with SEU you can begin your credentialing process to become a minister with the Assemblies of God.

Is there a cost to this internship?

  • Yes. The cost for interns who will be participating in SEU is $9,100 for the year (September - May); however, you are able to apply for financial aid. Those who choose to do just the RVLI experience will be required to pay $1,000 for the year (September - May) to cover program costs & ministry resources. Interns are encouraged to stay visible and available by staying on through the summer (June - August) at no extra cost. This is not a paid internship; however, our schedule is flexible enough for you to work a part-time job while interning. 

Do you offer housing for interns joining from out of state?

  • RVLI has limited dorm/apartment style housing, located right off of downtown Minneapolis. Housing is offered on a first-come first-serve basis; however, those coming from out of town have a priority over local students. Interns are required to pay a monthly fee for utilities.   

How long does RVLI last?

  • We have two internship seasons on the RVLI calendar; June - August and September - May. 

Do I have to go through all three levels of the program?

  • Multiple levels are not required, but after the first year we are confident you will want to continue your leadership development within RVLI. 

Do I need a car?

  • Yes. Some ministry opportunities will require reliable transportation during the week and on the weekends. 

Can I intern in more than one track at a time?

  • Ideally we prefer that you focus on one track at a time. This will ensure the integrity of your development and give your track the attention it deserves. 

As an intern, how much access will I have to River Valley’s leadership?

  • You will have unlimited access to your Track Lead who will be able to resource you with the experiences necessary to grow in your desired area of ministry. You will be given access to other leadership within River Valley Church through your Track Lead. 

What is the ideal candidate?

  • An ideal candidate is between the ages of 18 to 30, lives a life of authenticity, exemplifies a consistent walk with Christ and while fully supporting the vision of River Valley Church.