River Valley Leadership Institute


Potential Unleashed


River Valley Leadership Institute is designed to engage students in intentional, practical, world-changing leadership development while earning college credit. Emerging leaders have the opportunity to grow personally and professionally as they develop character and build leadership competency in one of our ministry tracks.

Ultimately, students have the opportunity to discern and refine their unique callings as they apply knowledge learned in the classroom to areas of passion in ministry.


Mission Statement

RVLI exists to equip young leaders in their process of discovering and developing their God-given gifts for the local church.




Personal and professional development doesn’t happen by accident, it’s an intentional process that is at the core of RVLI. Our focus on the development of your character & competency comes back to the mission of River Valley Church: to lead people to an authentic, life-changing relationship with Jesus Christ. Proximity to both local and national leaders, ministry mentors, leadership labs, and Lifeteams provide an ongoing framework for growth.


RVLI features two leadership focuses:

PASTORAL - Pastoral, Global Project, Youth, Go Kids, Connections/Lifegroups
CREATIVE ARTS - Graphic Design, Live Production, Marketing, Video Production, Worship

Not only do students have the opportunity to gain practical ministry experience, they also have the option to earn college credit through Southeastern University as well as become credentialed as ministers of the Assemblies of God.


We develop and train leaders that will change the world. River Valley Church has global perspective and global influence with one international campuses in Swaziland, Africa. We also support 200+ missionaries and ministries and send 50 Global Teams every year. 


Apply for Fall 2017

or Summer 2018

Application Deadlines - May 1 // August 1